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Dear researcher of Conscientiology,

In January 2005 began, in Holocycle, the works of Conscientiopedia, the Digital Encyclopedia of Conscientiology.

Definition. Conscientiopedia is a digital encyclopedia accessible via Internet and open to all researchers willing to contribute to the construction and publicizing of Conscientiology and its subdisciplines.

Edition. In Conscientiopedia it is possible to edit the majority of the pages without any restriction. Cosmoethics and common sense are the only boundaries to the voluntary contributions to the entries.

Enrollment. There is no bureaucracy. To collaborate access http://en.conscientiopedia.or and click on “create an account or log in” in the upper left corner of the page. Enroll and start volunteering in the digital clarification task.

Objectives. The following are 10 of the main objectives of Conscientiopedia:

  1. Environment. To be an environment of contribution to the development and cataloging of knowledge under the scrutiny of the Consciential Paradigm.
  2. Anti-elitism. To be open without restrictions to collaboration, even the anonymous one.
  3. Updating. To keep always updated on the leading-edge researches.
  4. Database. To become one of the largest database of Conscientiology.
  5. Colleges. To be a converging point for the efforts of Conscientiology Invisible Colleges, invited from now on to contribute to entries correlated with their subdisciplines.
  6. Consensus. To help establish the conscientiological consensus and identify the less understood and more controversial themes.
  7. Publicizing. To facilitate the access and publicizing of Conscientiology.
  8. Source. To work as a source and laboratory of the Encyclopedia of Conscientiology, making the distant collaboration easier.
  9. Talented volunteers. To find new talented volunteers for the encyclopedical work.
  10. Digital Clarification Task. To speed up the digital clarification task by the increase of the publicizing and understanding of leading-edge relative truths of Conscientiology.

Welcome to this polykarmic undertaking,

Conscientiopedia team Iguassu Falls, June 23rd 2008