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Current Stage

Stage. Conscientiopedia is in the stage of promotion and clarification of the advantages of its application as an evolutionary tool as well as its actuation as a catalyst for assistantial productivity.

Disseminator. Some researchers are being invited to take part of this stage to get to know the resources and later become disseminator.

The Proposal of Conscientiopedia

Guidelines. The following are six fundamental guidelines for the works of Conscientiopedia:

  1. Environment. To be an environment of contribution to the development and cataloging of knowledge under the scrutiny of the Consciential Paradigm.
  2. Cosmoethics. To base all the activities upon the principles of Cosmoethics.
  3. Openness. To be open without any restrictions to contribution, even the anonymous one.
  4. License. To allow the free use of all information available in Conscientiopedia according to GNU Free Documentation License.
  5. Supra-institutional. To be supra-institutional without publicizing or being involved with any particular Conscientiocentrical Institution.
  6. Profits. To be non-profit and by no means limit or restrict the access to the utilization of the content in order to fund the Conscientiopedia project.

Neothosenes. Differently from the conventional encyclopedias, Conscientiopedia not only seeks to systematize the existing knowledge but is also open to new approaches to the themes of Conscientiology. The volunteers can propose new entries, lists, synonymies, analogies, neologisms, wordmeanings, relations, comparisons and much more. Conscientiopedia admits neothosenes. However, all the work is exposed to the proofreading of other volunteers and the neoideas are kept only if they are able to sustain themselves with logics before the collective critique.

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