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Definition. The Conscienciopedia is the free access digital encyclopedia of Conscientiology.

Synonymy: Digital Encyclopedia of Conscientiology.

Etymology. The name Conscienciopedia has its origin from the words Conscientiology and Encyclopedia.

Neologistic. The term Conscienciopedia is a neologism of Communicology.

Openness. For Holomaturology, the openness of Conscienciopedia, characterized by the free edition, can only be maintained through the cosmoethics, mature and responsible posture of the researchers, regular contributors and reviewers.

Versions. To promote the clarification task on a universalist way, the project Conscienciopedia predicts versions in other languages. Addresses are highlighted below:

  1. German -
  2. Spanish -
  3. Esperanto -
  4. French -
  5. Greek -
  6. English -
  7. Italian -

Translation. The proposal of the Conscienciopedia for other languages is prioritize the translation of the Portuguese version of Verbetes due to the greater proximity of Holocycle, professor Waldo Vieira and of the teams of the Encyclopedia of Conscientiology. Subsequently, as far as ripening of the work of translation and related teams, for each language may exist new Verbetes on these versions without the necessary correspondence with the Portuguese language.

Specialization. The project Conscienciopedia predicts the specialization in encyclopedias or thematics encyclopedias developed by specialists of Conscientiology. Some examples:

  1. Assistentiopedia. Developed by the Invisible College of Assistentiology.
  2. Conviviopedia. Developed by the Invisible College of Conviviology.
  3. Cosmoethicopedia. Developed by the Invisible College of Cosmoethics.
  4. Proexopedia. Developed by the Invisible College of Proexology.

Redefinition. According to Conscientiology, the consciential paradigm allows a redefinition of various concepts of Psychology, Psychiatry and Philosophy. A strategy for the creation of Verbetes in the Conscienciopedia project is the conscientiological redefinition.

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