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Definition. Cosmoethics is the ethics or reflection upon cosmic, multidimensional morality, or the cosmic moral code, that defines holomaturity. Cosmoethics surpasses social, intraphysical morals or those morals presented within any human classification. It is a sub-discipline of Conscientiology.

Synonymy: 1. Code of Ethics of Serenissimuses; Advanced ethics; Multidimensional ethics; Cosmic moral. 2. Law of return; Law of Karma. 3. Universal justice. 4. Assistential exemplarism. 5. Self-incorruptibility.

Antonymy: 1. Anticosmoethics. 2. Aethics; Anethics; Anti-ethics. 3. Self-corruption. 4. Momentary Ethics. 5. Law of self-benefit. 6. Human Ethics; Ethics.

Cognatonomy: Cosmoethicology; cosmoethicotheca; cosmoethicopoeia; self-cosmoethics; intercosmoethics; cosmoethicophilia; cosmoeticophobia; cosmoethicopathy; anticosmoethics; subcosmoethics; cosmoethicometry; cosmoethicogram; cosmoethicocritique; cosmoethicotherapy.

Neologistics. Cosmoethics is a neologism of Evolutiology proposed by professor Waldo Vieira.

Themes. To understand the universe of research of this subdiscipline see the list themes of Cosmoethics.

College. In order to study the theory and practice (theorice) of Cosmoethics, some researchers got together and created the Invisible College of Cosmoethics. Since then, they have had virtual debates on the internet and 2 annual presential meetings, in February and August, in the Center for Higher Studies of Conscientiology (CHSC).

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Convergent: Code of Ethics of the Serenissimuses; Holokarmic account; Ethics; Advanced Ethics; Human Ethics; Multidimensional Ethics; Holokarma; Law of Karma; Law of return; Cosmic Moral; Karmic reparation; Metaphysics of Costums.

Divergent: Aethics; Anethics; Antiethics.