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Definition. ICCC is the acronym for International Cosmoethic Conscientiological Community employed to refer to the intraphysical and extraphysical consciousnesses commited to the development of Conscientiology on Earth.

Sinonymy: 1. Volunteers of Conscientiology. 2. Cooperation of the conscientiologists. 3. Interdependent researchers of Conscientiology.

Antonymy: 1. Materialistic consciousness; reductionist researcher. 2. Isolation of the conscientiologist. 3. Anti-grupality. 4. Minidissidence. 5. Pathological intraphysical society. 6. Unthinking human mass. 7. Clan; ghetto; sectarian group. 8. Eletronotic community. 9. Anticosmoethic community.

Universalism. In regard to Parageography, the ICCC goes beyond any kind of borders or walls as it is not confined to a specific location, city, state, country nor continent.

Binomial. According to Coexistology, the basic requirement or indispensable leading principle of cosmoethic grupality within ICCC is the experience, as a standard practice, of the admiration-disagreement binomial.

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Pioneerism; sociogenics